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How the Program Works

You log on and start learning.  Each online session is divided into three one week sessions to balance both self-paced study and group interaction. Typically, weeks one and two will focus on the key material content for the topic and the third week of each session involves a series of cuppings, a skill you will hone throughout your certification.  Each session includes instructional videos, individual and group assignments, cupping notes, key vocabulary definitions, additional learning materials, and of course, a test. Once you complete the first two Core classes, you can jump around to achieve your WTA Certified Tea Specialist™ accreditation in as little as 6 months.

Now you’re ready to move on to a higher level of learning!  Our higher-level certification program is designed to allow flexibility and customization. Each designation, WTA Certified Tea Professional™, WTA Certified Tea Sommelier™, and WTA Certified Tea Health Educator™, require six of the available electives taken in any order.  And for the super-achievers, you can get more than one higher-level designation!