Beauty and the Beast Inspires Tea Interest Worldwide

The live-action Beauty and the Beast film comeback has infiltrated the world of tea across the globe. The classic story features Belle, a young woman held captive in a castle by a beast. While there, she befriends the castle’s staff. A close friend and confidant of hers is a teapot named Mrs. Potts, who is undoubtedly the inspiration for the many ways in which retailers are incorporating tea and the film into their offerings.

Movie theaters are highlighting tea in their own film-related events. El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, is promoting a special tea party as well as a Beauty and the Beast exhibit with props items from the production. For an upgrade, people can choose the Sip and See Package that includes a Mrs. Potts-inspired tea time with Twinings Beauty and the Beast tea collection and biscotti. Enthusiasm for the film and its relationship with tea are not limited to the United States. In Australia, movie theaters are playing host to screenings with  free morning tea and cake for seniors.

The “Beauty and the Beast”-themed tea service at the Kensington Hotel in London, England, Photo Credit:

Across the pond in Devon, England, Borington Hall Hotel in Plymouth offered a Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea during the month of March, which included sandwiches and cakes. The Kensington Hotel in London, England, also created its own Beauty and the Beast tea service that began March 1 and will continue until June 30.

“Beauty and the Beast” Limited Edition Fine China Tea Set, Photo Credit:

In the world of retail, Primark’s Beauty and the Beast Chip mug sold out in 45 minutes throughout the United Kingdom. Primark plans to distribute the film-inspired mug to 40 stores this May. Disney manufactured a Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition Fine China Tea Set that is complete with a Mrs. Potts teapot and a Chip cup. Only 2,000 were made and the set retails at $249.95.

The myriad manifestations of Beauty and the Beast in the retail and hospitality spheres and their popularity with the public reflect people’s appreciation for the “tale as old as time,” and tea plays a pivotal role in it.