ABC Tea Has a New Parent

JTTEAABC TEA will become one division of newly founded JT & Tea Inc.

Founded by Josephine Pan and Thomas Shu, JT & Tea is, ThomasJosephineaccording to the company, the first American brand to focus on the world’s finest Oolong-style specialty teas, and represents the realization of a long-term vision Thomas and Josephine have held specific to the evolution of Taiwanese Oolong.

JT & Tea provides in-depth training to optimize storage, preparation and service for tea shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and business campuses. JT & Tea provides these ventures with a dynamic resource to help refine tea menus with a new level of professionalism. Furthermore, a new ooloong™ experience will be introduced to dinners via Oloong Sommelier’s certification program by JT & Tea.

With deep family roots in the Taiwan tea industry extending over seventy years, Thomas and Josephine are supplying fine Taiwan Oolong to customers worldwide. Thomas Shu works with major tea companies from Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States. With his proficient expertise and extensive knowledge of ‘all things tea’ Thomas has become a popular educator and speaker at the annual World Tea Expo and many other international venues. He is considered one of the world’s leading specialty tea experts, and is a founding board member of the American Premium Tea Institute (now Specialty Tea Institute). In 2007 Thomas was awarded the honorary title ‘Ambassador of Taiwan Tea’ by the Taiwan Tea Manufacturers’ Association in recognition of his many contributions to the tea industry.

JT & Tea’s co-founder Josephine Pan specializes in business administration, project design and management. Josephine organizes and manages the renowned TOST (Taiwan Oolongs Study Tour) program which hosts tea professionals on educational tours of Taiwanese tea gardens each year. Participants receive hands-on training at the garden and plant level, interwoven with intensive workshops.

Source: JT & Tea Inc.