AVT Natural Opens London Office


Richard Darlington has been named managing director of AVT Tea Services Limited, the London sales and marketing office of AVT Natural Products, the diversified India-based tea estates –to–natural source extraction business.

Operations are expected to begin in October, according to Darlington, a 32-year tea industry veteran. The subsidiary will operate as the marketing arm of the manufacturer which is expanding its factory in Cochin, Kerala, India.

"We obviously see the North American region as being one of great significance to the AVT business and expect our products to be of interest to clients,” Darlington told World Tea eNews.

AVT is best known in the tea industry for being a supplier of decaffeinated tea, AVT's strength lies in the extraction of flavors from natural sources and we see tea extracts as being a logical extension to our existing activities, he explained.

“A dedicated tea extraction facility in India is on course for completion before the end of the year with further expansion planned for the first half of 2013.  The facilities, which will have access to the Company's own green leaf supply, will have the capability of manufacturing a full range of tea products from standard green and black powders to the "natural" variants and tea aroma,” Darlington said. 

In a prepared statement, Ajit Thomas, Chairman, AVT Natural and AV Thomas Group of Companies, said the expansion will allow AVT Natural to offer its decaffeinated tea and instant tea to its customers all over the world through a cost-efficient supply chain.

AV Thomas has been growing tea in South India since 1925 and produces 10 million kg annually.  The AVT Natural division is the market leader in marigold extracts and also produces specialty spice oils and oleoresins.

Darlington is former managing director of Finlay Tea Solutions.

Source: AV Thomas Group, Hindu Business Line