British Still Prefer Tea

The British begin their day with tea and proceed to drink 166 million cups daily according to a new survey.

Coffee drinkers consume 70 million cups, giving tea a comfortable lead, according to a poll of 2000 adults conducted by WRVS, a charity representing older people. The survey highlights how sharing a cup of tea can ease loneliness.

British“In May, we celebrate our 75th anniversary and, throughout the years, the charity has become renowned for its tea making abilities. Our focus now is on improving the lives of older people and the money raised through this campaign will mean more older people will benefit from the practical support, comfort and kindness our volunteers provide,” said Verity Haines, WRVS executive director of marketing and development.

There is spirited discussion about the proper amount of milk and some continue to debate whether the tea or milk should go in first, but strong tea is preferred over weak and old habits die hard. A third of respondents always use the same cup or mug and more than half say the way they take their tea has not changed in years.

In Scotland, 41 percent take sugar but in Yorkshire, only one in four sweetens their tea.

Almost a quarter of the adults surveyed drink five or more cups a day and four percent say they drink 10 cups daily. Twenty percent begin each day with a cup; the same percentage continues to use loose leaf in a traditional teapot, but the great majority use teabags. Only six percent use a cup and saucer.

Average consumption is now 3.5 cups per day, totaling 11 million gallons. Apply the results to the population as a whole and 14 million Britons say they are addicted and could not function without their cuppa.

Sources: WRVS Survey