Chai Dice Gives Innovation to Daily Beverages

Leafcutter Designs, a creative design group based in Berkeley, California, recently fulfilled a Kickstarter campaign more than four-times over to enable them to produce and sell handmade “chai dice”.

Lea Redmond and her brother Devin started Leafcutter Designs in 2008 and have been illuminating common objects with whimsy ever since. Her newest design, chai dice, are available for purchase here now. Each side of a handmade chai die is labeled with  a hand-designed picture of  a common herb, spice, or tea. Chai lover simply roll the dice and use all 8 ingredients in their chai concoctions.Chai Dice

In late August, Redmond launched a tremendously successful Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000. By mid-September, her Kickstarter was flush with over $21,000 donated from Leafcutter Design fans and chai enthusiasts alike. This crowd funding platform has given life to the innovation of chai dice, which are available for regular purchase here.

Explaining the original vision of chai dice, Devin Redmond said, “Our Chai Dice are designed to inspire chai-making at home as a social activity with friends and family. Rolling the dice takes the stress out of trying to follow a recipe by saying it’s okay to play around and try different combinations.”

He continues, “This game play element seems to have really resonated with our supporters and it’s great to hear from people that Chai Dice are giving them an excuse to slow down for a few minutes and try something new.”

To learn more about chai dice and Leafcutter Designs watch the video below or click here.