Delivery Duo Promote Lipton Tea

WTN_ART_140714_LiptonLoveisanOpenDoorThe adventures of playful iced tea delivery duo Carl and Stu continues in a series of comedic commercials for Lipton Tea produced by actress Kristen Bell.

Bell, known for her role as Veronica Mars and in the Disney film Frozen, is creative director for the film series which follows the Muppets debut of “Be More Tea” a theme supported globally by Unilever in a $40 million campaign.

Stu and Carl sing “Love is an Open Door” from the Frozen in a two minute film that first aired in May. In April they appeared in the three minute “A Princess Ride” the first of Bell’s commercials. WTN_ART_140714_LiptonPrincessRideLast week the pair introduced Lipton’s new Peach Iced Tea with a strong 1:30 second tribute to fatherhood. “A Perfect Son Day” has the deliverymen relieving dad of the household chores for the weekend.

The commercials depict a gentler, social aspect of tea drinking with Stu and Carl completing busy people’s “have-to-do lists” so that they can have time for their “want-to-do lists,” observes Bell, who says her one-year-old son Lincoln keeps her hopping. In the latest film the father befriended by Stu and Carl gets a “Son Day” to spend with his son. Viewers watching the films are invited to enter a contest to “Win an Extra SUNday” by entering a code from the bottle cap of a bottle of iced tea.

Bell told Perez Hilton “you basically win the chance to give Lipton your entire to-do list and all of your chores! I’m such a fan of the reminder to get off auto-pilot and just be more playful! This idea of getting rid of your have-to-do list and starting to do your want-to-do list is something I really loved!

The films are generating several hundred thousand views on You Tube. The April commercial has been watched 250,000 times while the Muppet commercial with Kermit the Frog has logged 4,259,535 views.

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