DōMatcha Tea Master Lectures Opening Day at Chigusa and the Art of Tea


Tea Master Kazunori Handa on Saturday (Feb. 22) will present several opening day talks at the unveiling of the Smithsonian’s Freer | Sackler Gallery’s newest exhibit “Chigusa and the Art of Tea.”

The Omotosenke school will lead four traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies throughout the exhibition. On opening day Handa will serve DōMatcha Ceremonial Matcha in a traditional tea bowl and chasen and then present attendees with packets of DōMatcha Master’s Choice matcha.

The galleries will twice present the documentary “Matcha: The Way of Tea” about Sen no Rikyu, DomatchaMatchawho is said to have originated the Japanese Tea Ceremony, according to the company. Attendees will be offered tastings prior to the film.

DōMatcha has a history almost as ancient as the Chigusa, stemming back to the mid 1600’s,” according to Calli O’Brien, DōMatcha’s marketing director. “We are extremely honored and proud to be supporting the Freer and Sackler Galleries in creating awareness of such a highly elevated artifact.”

Source: DōMatcha Japanese Green Tea