Aiya America Launches Premium Matcha

WTN160125_AiyaLogoAiya Co. Ltd. has been selling matcha for more than 120 years and they are now releasing another product line here in America.

At the recent Winter Fancy Foods Show the company announced the release of new Premium and Ceremonial Grade Matcha products. These products have been endorsed by Japan’s renowned Urasenke Tea School’s tea master.

“Ceremonial” matcha is considered to be a grade that meets the requirements for use in formal tea ceremonies. In the United States, the use of the word is not restricted so Aiya believes this third party endorsement helps the company prove the true quality of its product.

ceremonial_matcha_30g_tin_-_small“There are so many different grades of Matcha that are marketed as Ceremonial or Premium grade, but that fall far short of that distinction,” says Fumi Sugita, Aiya America’s General Manager, in a press release. “Consumers who buy our Urasenke endorsed Matcha can be sure that they are purchasing Matcha that has passed the most rigorous evaluations and is on par with Matcha enjoyed at formal tea ceremonies in Japan.”

Each product will be available in 30g and 100g sizes. The premium retails at $48 for 30 grams and the ceremonial at $24.80.

The company has previously released unique products like Matcha-to-Go stick packs, café blends, and cooking grade matchas.

Aiya Co. Ltd., headquartered in Nishio, Japan, calls itself the world’s leading matcha producer. Aiya America is its U.S. division. Aiya was founded in 1888.

SOURCE: Press release and Aiya America