Eco-Efficient Tea Boiler

Imagine a glass pitcher of water heated by a single magnetic wand.

WTN141201_Miito_Boil2The Miito is an induction stove that quickly heats precise amounts of water to boiling. The base resembles a hot plate but there are no wires leading to the wand. Simply place the pitcher, kettle or cup on the base, stand the wand upright. It heats only the water you need for brewing tea or coffee.

See it in action here.

WIRED describes the Miito as an invention inspired by all the hot water wasted in kettles. In the United Kingdom 65% of tea drinkers overfill their kettles, boiling too much water and wasting enough energy every day to power all the streetlights in London for a night.

Designer Nils Chudy first became interested in redesigning the tea kettle while he was a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands, according to WIRED. “Chudy realized the opportunity to design a product for heating up specific amounts of liquid, and no more.”

WTN141201_Miito_Wand.pngWhen the wand is placed in the cup, ceramic mug or glass or non-ferrous pitcher the Miito’s electromagnetic field causes it to heat, boiling the water. Simply remove the wand to stop the process. If you walk away the device signals the induction plate to standby once the liquid has boiled. There is no scale buildup, cleanup is fast and it uses only enough energy to boil whatever the container holds.

Chudy envisions uses such as heating baby formula or cooking rice.

“We have dreams for the future,” Chudy told WIRED. “There could be other things—like in the Asian world they cook a lot of rice, so you could have a very small rice cooker. It’s a long term, five- or seven-year dream for a lot of different things that need heating.”

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Source: WIRED