G.S. Haly Company Introduces Matcha Kansai

WTN151209_GSHaly_Matcha2The G.S. Haly Co. has added a traditional stone-ground matcha to their line of teas from Japan.

This exceptional matcha is a proprietary blend sourced from the traditional heartland of matcha production: the Kansai region, which encompasses Kyoto prefecture as well as Shiga and Nara, according to the company.

“Our supplier in Kagoshima worked with us to find a tea that meets our very high expectations for quality,” said Mo Sardella, director of marketing. “The new Matcha Kansai delivers a superbly balanced, sweet and smooth cup, with a very clean finish,” said Sardella.

He explained that “Matcha Kansai’s deep green color is indicative of this high-quality production and freshness, and with proper whisking technique, Matcha Kansai develops a thick and persistent foam. It can also be utilized in green tea lattes, blended beverages, and other culinary applications. The company also offers an alternative grade of matcha for commercial culinary and drink-mix applications, said Sardella.

Matcha Kansai is packed in 100-gram laminated bags, to allow for convenient re-packaging and optimal freshness. Matcha Kansai is reasonably priced, enabling adequate allowances for competitive wholesale and retail mark-ups, added Sardella.

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Source: G.S. Haly

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