Goodbye Juice, Hello Kids’ Tea

WTN140728_ART_DrazilChildren'sTeaDrazil Kids Tea (whose name is “lizard” spelled backwards) believes that parents seeking a substitute for sugary juices need a new option and herbal tea might be the answer.

CEO Christine Wheeler believes that because herbals like rooibos are naturally healthy with low sugar, they could be a perfect option for kids. Parents are reducing the amount of juice they are serving their children, due to concerns raised about sugar content and its impact on young bodies and teeth. Having lived in Japan she had become used to seeing children experience and enjoy tea and she wanted to bring that concept to the United States in a bigger way.

The former Proctor & Gamble executive developed a ready-to-drink beverage that is 54% a brewed herbal infusion of rooibos, rose hip, hibiscus and pomegranate with 46% juice. The mix has 50% fewer calories and 35% less sugar than most children’s beverages currently on the market. Drazil’s 6.75 ounce boxes are sold in eight-packs and the company is pursuing distribution through conventional markets, as well as natural foods outlets.

In December, Drazil competed in the Dream Big America competition, a nationally syndicated live radio show where startup businesses compete against one another. The kids tea company beat out its two competitors to make it into the finals.

Source: Food Navigator