Inko’s Organic White Tea

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Tea drinkers, primarily younger women, have elevated green to a new height – white.

“White tea has been hitting the headlines regularly for the past 15 years with stories about both its high price and its high level of antioxidants,” writes tea authority Jane Pettigrew. “Public interest has pushed stores and online retailers into stocking an engaging array that includes top quality China Yin Zhen with its plump downy buds, Bai Mu Dan’s little shoots of silvery bud and one or two open leaves, the slightly larger and more mature Shou Mei, white teas plucked from ancient wild trees in Yunnan province, compressed cakes of white buds, Ceylon Silver and Golden Needles, Hawaii-grown whites, Snow Mountain White from Nepal, and a wide variety of flavored whites.”

WTN150406_Inko's Organic White TeaInko’s Organic White Tea targets “health-conscious Americans’ preference for healthier beverages.” Last week the company introduced Honey Lemon and Strawberry to its line.

“We’re super excited to launch our new Inko’s Organic White Tea formulas in time for spring and summer tea season,” said Andy Horrow, chief marketing officer, Wholesome Tea, maker of Inko’s. “Converting to a non-GMO and organic formula furthers our commitment to delivering white tea that’s ‘Just a Little Better For You.’”

“Inko’s teas are brewed from very rare, handpicked white tea leaves such as Silver Needle,” he said. The teas are sourced in Fujian Mountains in China. “Inko’s subtle, smooth and delicate taste and revitalizing touch also comes from its use of only antioxidant-rich white tea leaves. What’s more, Inko’s tea has only 12 grams of sugar and 50 calories (0 grams of sugar and 0 calories for the unsweetened varieties), which is significantly less than most other organic and ready-to-drink teas on the market, making it a healthy alternative,” according to the company.

Inko’s Strawberry Organic White Tea is the only strawberry-flavored ice tea on the market and was created in response to consumer demand. “USDA certified organic extends across our full product line,” said Horrow.

In a release Inko’s reported strawberry was the number one most requested flavor.

“When it comes to tea varieties, white is the new green,” said Horrow. “It’s no secret that green and black teas are great for you but white tea takes it to a whole new level. White tea, grown only in a few pristine regions of the world, is the least processed tea, which means it contains more naturally occurring, health-boosting antioxidants than teas brewed from other varieties. It’s a health powerhouse according to researchers,” he said, citing a study by Oregon State University, Pace University, University Hospitals of Cleveland, published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition research.

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