Innovative Cupping Club Hosts Cup Warming at Expo


The newly established International Tea Cuppers Club connects tea enthusiasts and professionals worldwide through its social media initiatives as well as innovative Cupping Events. 

The multifaceted website is organized into seven topic specific blog-forums where members share knowledge, concerns, issues, events, news and philanthropic activities. 

On Friday, June 24, World Tea Expo attendees interested in learning more are encouraged to attend a "cup warming" get together at 8:30 p.m. in the Benihana Zen Lounge at the Las Vegas Hilton. This informal social is open for members, sponsors, suppliers and anyone interested. There will be an open tea cupping of three special teas brought directly from India. 

The official commencement of the Darjeeling First Flush 2011 Cupping Event will be announced at the World Tea Expo, bringing together the community of tea people worldwide.  

Cupping Events allow 16 members from around the world to receive and simultaneously test samples of exceptional teas from specific production areas. There are 10 different tea estates represented in the Darjeeling competition. Cuppers receive all supplies and samples needed to evaluate the teas and report their comments to the ITCC. Following the event, evaluations from the group are compiled and shared with suppliers.   

"Cuppers get a chance to experience a range and quality of teas they would not otherwise experience, often in advance of these teas reaching foreign markets — and tea producers get valuable feedback useful in meeting consumer preferences. It is a win/win for everyone involved,” says Robertson. 

Next up is an Assam Second Flush Cupping Event and in the Fall there will be the Tie Guan Yin Cupping Event, says Robertson with compressed Pu-erhs to follow. Dragon Well and Bi Luo Chun green tea cuppings are scheduled next spring. 

Members pay a one-time $95 fee to offset operational expenses and enjoy lifetime access to everything on the website. Visit for complete details and to enroll. For additional information email or phone the International Tea Cuppers Club at (630) 886-8060.