ITO EN Introduces Culinary Matcha

ITO EN continues to expand their tea line, announcing a new matcha product at this month’s Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco..

Matcha LOVE Culinary MatchaMatcha Love® Culinary Matcha will now be available in 100 gram tins and can be used for a range of cooking applications.

“With more people falling in love with the vitality of matcha, our Culinary Matcha makes it easy for home cooking,” says ITO En’s Sr. Vice President of Corporate Relations Rona Tison in a press release. “Aspiring cooks can now enjoy the purity of the entire green tea leaf in a variety of recipes, both traditional and new.”

ITO EN has four other matcha blends in their collection. Classic matcha is ceremonial grade, koicha matcha is made from mature tea buds, usucha matcha is a lighter bodied tea and there is also an organic version.

Matcha Love® teabags are also being introduced. These teabages are a combination of premium green tea leaves and matcha. There are also sweetened and unsweetend canned matcha beverages in the line.

Also at the Fancy Food Show, Finest Kind Tea of Portland, Maine introduced their tea mixers for making cocktails. Perennial favorites like Serendipitea, Revolution, Tea Forte, and Ajiri were also exhibiting.

While ITO EN is available in shops and grocers in many locations, there are four Matcha Love® storefront locations: Edgewater, N.J; Costa Mesa, Calif.; San Jose, Calif.; and San Diego, Calif. Other brands under the ITO EN name are TEAS’ TEA (R), Oi Ocha, Jay Street Coffee (R), and ITO EN Shots.

SOURCE: Press release

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