Klatch Coffee Expands into Tea Market

Klatch Coffee Inc., a southern-California coffee roaster has introduced Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea.Klatch

Cascara Tea is a sweet and fruity tea product being produced by the coffee roaster. “We can’t keep it on the shelves,” says Mike Perry of Klatch Coffee. “Our wholesale customers love it, and it is incredibly popular in our retail stores.” Even avid coffee drinkers are boasting about it; “I’m not much of a tea drinker, but last week I tried Cascara for the first time and I’m hooked,” said Coffee Guru Todd Goldsworthy.

Klatch is an award-winning and renowned specialty coffee company and roaster in Los Angeles.  Awards for Klatch include being named ‘Micro Coffee Roaster of the Year’ by Roast Magazine. This new herbal tea product strays away from the company’s niche.

Cascara is a tea made from steeping the dried skins, or “husks”, of the coffee cherries and is filled with natural sugars and antioxidants from the skin and pulp of the coffee berry. The naturally caffeinated  tea product is derived from farms in El Salvador.

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SOURCE: Klatch Coffee