La Colombe Introduces Tea & Tisane

La Colombe's Tea & Tisane collection.

La Colombe’s Tea & Tisane collection.

Coffee house chain La Colombe, which has coffee houses in Chicago and several large East Coast cities, this month announced the introduction in its cafes of eight internationally sourced teas and herbal blends, in partnership with Milwaukee-based Rishi Tea. La Colombe Tea & Tisane is a carefully curated collection of teas and herbal blends that includes two green teas, one black tea, one puer tea, two tisanes, and two oolong teas, sourced from a variety of tea origins including Japan, China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Tea ingredients are sourced with Rishi Tea, which emphasizes direct trade, organic growing, and traceability.

“What we like most about tea is what we like most about coffee: it brings people together,” the company said on its blog. “It’s a shared ritual, something we can carve out time for, something to gather around and savor.”

Source: La Colombe