London Company, Nutritionist Design “Everyday Good” Teas

WTN160913-Wearetea-everyday tea-founder Daren Spence and Amanda Hamilton

We Are Tea’s founder Daren Spence and nutritionist Amanda Hamilton with the new Everyday Good teas.

London-based company We Are Tea enlisted nutritionist Amanda Hamilton’s expertise in developing its new “super teas.”

Called Everyday Good, the new teas come in three varieties: Glow for skin radiance, Soothe to aid digestion, and Svelte to balance metabolism, according to the We Are Tea website.

Talking to The Interview (London), nutritionist Hamilton said, “We’ve used ingredients that have a history of being used to positive effect all over the world, such as herbs used to soothe digestion after meals.

“When you compare tea drinking to the impact of fizzy or sugary drinks or the negative impact of too much caffeine from endless cups of coffee, herbal tea is the clear health winner,” she said.

Featuring red berries, Calendula, and a traditional blend of herbs, “Glow tea has been designed to bring sparkle back to skin… it’s packed with anti-oxidants and active ingredients to maintain skin health,” according to We Are Tea.

WTN160913-feel-everyday-good-weareteaThe company described Soothe, made with fennel and mint, as “a calming digestive tea and a perfect accompaniment to any meal. Warming and soothing, it aids digestion and eases bloating.”

Featuring yerba mate and ginger, “Svelte tea is designed to invigorate your system. Natural seagreens help to balance the metabolism, dandelion root to tone, nettle to eliminate, and the yerba mate for focus,” according to We Are Tea.

Packages of 12 whole-leaf tea bags are being sold online and at Sainsbury’s supermarkets in the United Kingdom.

Sources: We Are Tea, The Interview (London)