Kickstarter Product Makes Matcha Possible on the Go

A brand-new design from startup Pret-A-Matcha is the new must-have for matcha tea lovers. The innovative patent-pending bottle incorporates all the traditional matcha-making tools (sieve, spoon, whisk and a compartment to store 2 ounces of matcha powder) for matcha-on-the-go.

The double-walled stainless-steel bottle comes in three colors—black, white and green—and costs $60, one-third less than the cost of the traditional tools bought separately, according to the company.

Pret-A-Matcha recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to raise the $60,000 it needs to complete development and production. It has currently raised $11,000 toward the goal.

A trending product, matcha is touted for its many health benefits such as antioxidants and protection from free radicals, as well as weight-loss claims.

Pret-A-Matcha founder Lisa Henderson came up with the idea to combine her love for tea, health and travel.

“As I drank more matcha, I noticed increased energy, mental clarity and peace,” she said. “I also noticed a decreased appetite and as a result, weight loss. I started consuming a matcha a day, but found it cumbersome to prepare on the go and not widely available when traveling.”

And thus, another great idea was born.

Sources: Pret-A-Matcha, Kickstarter