Premium Tea From a Vending Machine

tea vendingMost tea drinkers would walk the other way if their only tea option was from a vending machine. That reaction may change if D’lecta Café has its way.

Last week D’lecta Café premiered an automatic tea brewing machine, the first of its kind. The company is seeking a patent on the technology that can serve a cup in under 30 seconds. The machine can make 100 – 400 cups of tea every day.

Unlike the tea dispensed from vending machines in the past, D’lecta’s steeps its brew from tea leaves. Users are given a choice of tea type: black, green or masala. The tea is brewed and then milk (a specially formulated evaporated milk to replace powdered milk options) and sugar can be added as desired.

The machine is not limited to tea only. It can also serve coffee, hot chocolate and soup. Deepak Jain, founder and managing director of D’lecta Foods Pvt Ltd., told India’s, “The machine has been ergonomically designed for elegance and space efficiency with arrangements to neatly accommodate consumables like paper cups, tea bags, coffee sachets, sugar and stirrers.” Jain also cites the machines self-rinsing mechanism if the machine is unused for a 15 minute period.

The target audience for the machines are offices and workspaces in India. The cost per cup is approximately $0.09USD.

D’lecta Café is the tea and coffee division for Dlecta Foods Pvt. Ltd. It was launched as a separate vertical in May 2014. Dlecta Foods opened in 2001 under the name Devashree Foods Pvt Ltd.