Rishi Tea to Purchase New Facility

Leading specialty and premium tea importer, Rishi Tea, will be investing nearly $5 million in a new facility.

Rishi Tea is finalizing plans to buy a 48,000-square-foot building to accommodate its rapidly growing business operations. The new building is part of a major initiative by the city of Milwaukee to revitalize the Menomenee River valley.

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“The new Rishi headquarters will have a state of the art tea facility unrivaled in the USA, as well as a tea educational training center and office for all the Rishi staff,” said Joshua Kaiser, CEO of Rishi Tea. “We are very excited about this development and thankful for the massive support we’ve gotten from our city government and local leaders of Milwaukee.”

A major importer of specialty tea from many exotic locations including China, South Africa, and Latin America, Rishi Tea also creates custom blends and teas in their facility. Noted for the high quality of its tea, Rishi has won numerous North American Tea Championships.

Kaiser notes that the quality of the tea will remain superior, saying, “Rishi’s tea facility has separate areas for different teas, herbs and spices – all with independently exhausted atmospheric zones for the proper storage and segregation of aromas. The processing and blending of teas, flavored teas and herbal blends have separated zones as well, which coupled with new vacuum and packaging equipment will add increased values and upgrades to our already high quality products.”

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SOURCE: Rishi Tea