Singapore-based TWG Tea Expands to the Middle East

TWG Tea, founded in 2008, has grown quickly since its inception with distribution in 33 countries and a new retail location in the Middle East.

“TWG plans to reinforce its brand presence in its current Asian markets, whilst venturing into more competitive markets such as the Middle East and greater China,” Company President Taha Bouqdib told Bernama, Malaysia’s National News Agency.

The new 1,600 sq. ft. shop in the Dubai Mall was described as elegant “with hand crafted glass walls, bronze fittings, Italian marble floors, crystal lamps and antique mirrors.”

“Tea consumption has continued to grow over the years despite fears of a tough economic climate,” Bouqdib wrote in a release. The company’s future expansion includes boutiques in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok “with the possibility of venturing into Shanghai and Indonesia.” The firm currently has several stores in Singapore and one each in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

TWG holds the largest share of the luxury tea market, according to the release. Sales growth topped 120 percent during 2010 and 2011 and the company is now sourcing tea at more than 200 plantations and stocks 1000 types of tea and tea blends.

Source: Bernama