Starbucks CFO Predicts Teavana Expansion

In a video interview this week, Starbucks’ top financial officer discusses the recent acquisition of Teavana and the firm’s desire to “really reignite what tea means to us.”

Starbucks TeavanaStarbucks CFO Troy Alstead sat with Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner to discuss the $620 million acquisition last fall of 300-store tea retailer Teavana. See the video here.

In this must see conversation, Alstead foresees the construction of many more Teavana stand-alone retail outlets as well as a significant presence in existing Starbucks stores and a major move into CPG channels and, in time, globally.

“What they have built over the years is a fantastic, high-capital-returning, great unit economics, Teavana model. What we believe we can do is marry up all those assets they have, again with our beverage capabilities, with our store-design capabilities, with our operating capabilities, leverage that up in a way that they just couldn’t as a small company, and begin to evolve the next generation of Teavana stores that will define growth and add to our growth for we think years to come,” said Alstead.

Sources: Motley Fool