Tea Cafes with a Twist

Cat on a sofa with white cupWhat do bicycles, Sherlock Holmes, and cats have in common? They all have fans that are also ardent tea lovers and now each has a cafe to celebrate them.

Located in Cumbria, England, the Greystoke Cycle Cafe Tea Garden serves cyclists arriving on bikes every day. The owners promise hot and cold drinks and a light snack at all times and often will provide cakes, cream tea, jams, and more. This walled garden area is only open to walkers and other visitors for limited hours. Those in cars are asked to park a distance away and walk. One Trip Advisor reviewer noted, “This place is a legend to local cyclists. Idyllic setting and pretty garden. The food is scrumptious and garanteed (sic) to keep the pedals turning.”

Many tea lovers are fans of Sherlock Holmes, but few have taken it as far as the owners of 221B Baker Street in Shanghai, China. The entire cafe is homage to the BBC’s new Sherlock series. The tablecloths sport a fleur de lys pattern that will be recognizable to viewers as the wallpaper in Sherlock’s apartment. Paintings of Benedict Cumberbatch adorn the walls. Guests are even welcome to borrow a deerstalker hat to wear while sipping their tea.

If Courtney Hatt, David Braginsky and Benjamin Stingle can turn their dreams into reality, San Francisco will see a new tea shop designed for cat lovers next summer. The concept for KitTea was inspired by similar cafes in Japan with the aim of encouraging more interaction and conversations among guests. Called part gourmet tea house, part cat and human oasis, KitTea will have resident cats the guests can engage with in a special cat lounge. In the cafe they will enjoy organic teas and treats. What if a customer falls in love with their new feline friend? Patrons may adopt a cat with whom they form a special bond. Visit Eater San Francisco to read more.