Tea is Comfort for the Irish

DOUBLIN, Ireland

Market research financed by Lyon’s Tea in Ireland showed 87 percent of the country’s residents drink at least a cup a week and 41 percent three times daily at work.

The study conducted by Amárach Research revealed that 56 percent of Irish tea drinkers feel that someone knows them if they make them a cup of tea to their liking.

Tea is a booming business in Ireland with an estimated market value of $106 million. Specialty sales have doubled over the last five years as Irish tea drinkers become more sophisticated in their tastes and lifestyles, choosing tea for reasons of health, lifestyle and moods.

 “Tea is the new ‘it’ drink,” says Laura Pasquetti, buyer for the Kilkenny group. “Like coffee last decade, tea is the drink of this decade. As tea is on trend now, the demographic has changed dramatically.

“More of the young, cool set can be seen in our restaurants sipping teas of all flavours and types, and a new young generation of tea drinkers has emerged.”

Researchers found that 80 percent of tea drinkers think Irish tea is a source of comfort and 84 percent enjoy the beverage when they are trying to unwind. Using a specially developed pantone range of tea shades; from ‘perfect tan’ to ‘milky way’, it was revealed that ‘perfect tan ’is the best tea shade for 20 percent of Irish people’

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Eddie Murphy told Irish Centralthat “Small courtesies, warm smiles and making a cup of tea the way someone likes it, shows recognition and awareness – that you care about them.

“When people make tea for someone they’re making an emotional connection which in turn increases fondness and trust, thus enabling the relationship to grow and develop,” he said.

Source: Irish Central and The Irish Times