Tea, Meet the WiFi Enabled Kettle

WTN150112_ART_WiFiKettleAmid the robots, gigantic 4K TVs and luxury electric cars, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show also featured a WiFi enabled, smartphone operated tea kettle.

The iKettle’s attractive design includes your choice of $20 colored skins in five colors that permit kitchen décor customization while protecting and insulating the stainless steel surface and preventing accidental burns. Check out this video for a look at its functions, all of which are thoughtfully displayed in a simple app.

The iKettle by UK-based Smarter lets you pre-boil water from anywhere in the house using your home WiFi network. The application sends notifications you when the water is heated and ready to pour; advise if the WiFi enabled kettle is empty and remind you to refill. It has a welcome home mode and a keep warm setting. The application allows multiple user access to the kettle, and it lets you schedule a morning wake up.

WTN150112_ART_WiFiKettle-ControlsThe iKettle has four manual temperature settings 149º-176º-203º-212ºF (65º-80º-95º-100ºC) for different teas including a lower settings for green and oolong teas to avoid bitter extraction.

The applications run on iOS7+ and Android 4+ platforms and are compatible with tablets, phones and other WiFi devices using a 2.4GHz router. Users can create custom greetings and messages and different themes. All can be downloaded free at your app store.

The kettle has a 1.8 liter capacity and 2400w separate heating element. The basic iKettle sells for $150 (£99 or £109 with you choice of skins). Additional skins are $23 (£14.99).

Learn more at: http://smarter.am/


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