Tea Research Association Extends Honor to Nigel Melican

Nigel Melican, Managing Director of Teacraft, has been awarded the D.N Borbora Chair for Tea Quality and Manufacturing at the Tea Research Association of India.thumb_tpeep_nigel_melican240px.jpg

D.N Borbora was a progressive and innovative tea engineer and the objective of the Chair named for him is to identify and lay foundations for tea processing research to guide the TRA’s second Centenary.

Melican has been granted a three-year tenure working in the Chair position. Based at the Tokclai Experimental Station in Jorhat, Assam as well as the station in Nagrakata, North Bengal, Melican plans to make 2 or 3 trips each year spending a total of 6 to 8 weeks with his fellow tea researchers. Initially, his visits will be meant to outline research programs, latterly mentor researchers, and guide the progress of the research.

As a Founder of The League of US Tea Growers, Melican is hoping to introduce plant material from India into the US tea growing community. “I would very much like to show American growers what has been achieved in India during the 200 years of tea growing there, and firmly believe that the hi-tech automated approach that will be necessary for US growers to succeed in tea production is going to be, in the future, the model to emulate for traditional tea growers as world economies converge.” says Melican.

After working for Unilever for 27 years, Melican developed an extensive background in crop research and development. He was specifically sought out by the Tea Research Association of India because of his practical knowledge of the tea industry.

“The TRA might in the past have been accused of being inward looking but as the world’s premier tea research institute entering its second Century it is now looking steadily ahead,” Melican remarks. “I feel honored to be called to help with this.”

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