Tg Green Teas Joins Ethical Tea Partnership

ETPlogoTg Green Teas, founded by Dr. Hua He and Sophia Nadur, has recently announced its decision to join the Ethical Tea Partnership.

The Ethical Tea Partnership was established in 1997 to examine and assess supply chains throughout the tea industry. Monitoring looks at labor conditions, environmental health and social support systems. ETP currently has 30 members across Europe, North America, New Zealand and Australia.

Annually, ETP and IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative co-host a gathering that includes organizations like OXFAM and the Fairtrade Foundation. The summit is called TEAM UP. These groups are collaborating to establish solutions for the historically low pay at many tea estates in developing countries. Last year’s efforts focused on Malawi. ETP and UNICEF also announced a three year project in 2014 to address concerns about exploitation of child labor in Assam’s tea estates.

Hua and Sophia in the tea plantation in China

He and Nadur at their tea plantation in China

Tg Green Teas launched in the United Kingdom in 2015, with a specialization in premium green teas. Dr. He, a Shanghai native, had worked in medical research in Europe before relocating to the U.K. nine years ago. Nadur, who was born in Trinidad, has been involved in launching other food and beverage companies before teaming up with Dr. He to found Tg Green Teas.

In a recent press release, ETP Executive Director Sarah Roberts says, “It’s great that a newly launched tea company has demonstrated their commitment to ethical supply by joining our growing membership.”

“We chose to become members of the Ethical Tea Partnership as we want to reassure both ourselves and our consumers that the folks who pick the tea leaves and pack them for us are treated fairly,” says He. “This is the way we want to do business and we are grateful for everything that the Ethical Tea Partnership does to help make this happen.”

TgGreenTeaNadur adds, “We are a small company with a big desire to ensure that these. Tea blends are available to as many people as possible. To help make this happen, we have to ensure that we deliver high quality products that are still affordable but without compromising on ethical behavior on our part and on the part of the suppliers.”

Tg currently offers a line of pyramid tea bags and bottled iced tea. The bottled teas all include ginseng and include flavors like mandarin and jujube. The pyramid bags, containing organic teas sourced from their farm in Zhejiang, also come in three options: green, ginger and lemon zest and jujube and osmanthus.

SOURCE: Ethical Tea Partnership