The Tea House Times moves to print-on-demand and digital formats


In an audio release prepared by The Tea House Times founder and publisher, Gail Gastelu, it was announced Monday that The Tea House Times will move to a print-on-demand model for the publication and increase digital distribution methods effective with the January/February 2013 issue.

Gastelu stated, "Many publishing giants have gone bankrupt since they did not take the trends seriously or prepare in advance for an exit strategy from print and transition to more online offerings.  Thankfully, we have carefully followed the trends and built numerous online platforms for publishing, education, and further connections to tea.  We carefully follow the trends in publishing and have been preparing for this for quite some time."

The audio announcement went on to describe the transition and its benefits to both subscribers and advertisers.  Gastelu also mentioned the numerous other services currently produced by The Tea House Times to support tea industry education, connections, and growth overall. Services such as online continuing education through, virtual tour videos providing additional online exposure for tea rooms, and additional news feeds and social media connections to benefit advertisers.  She also mentioned the offering of custom training websites for larger tea corporations in need of internal, employee training.  The transition and addition of multiple online services has been in the works, with consistent new service offerings, since 2009.

Gastelu said, "Online viewing subscriptions via have been available for a while now and have been successful, so I am confident that the transition for our print customers will be seamless.  Additional digital distribution methods and collaborations will be a huge benefit to all.  I am very excited by the opportunity this brings for increased circulation to benefit our advertisers and to reach more tea lovers worldwide.  Really, the possibilities are endless."

A link to the audio announcement is on home page.

The Tea House Times was founded in 2003.