UK Tops US with Record-Setting Tea Bag


England’s mighty Navy helped restore that nation’s rightful place as the home of the world’s largest tea bag this week.

The 220-pound (100 kg) tea bag measures eight feet by eight feet and was unveiled on the deck of the HMS Warrior. The bag, created by Westhouse Textiles in Fratton, U.K. was filled with a "Portsmouth Tea" blend produced by All About Tea.

In celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2011, promoters worldwide on Wednesday attempted to establish or re-gain their lost titles. In this instance, Britain officially surpassed the 151-pound (68.49 kg) U.S. record set by AOTS, a TV show on the G4 Channel owned by NBC Universal. Hosts Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey have held the title since January.

“We smashed that record with 220 lbs (100 kg) of our exclusive new local blend and reclaim the title for our tea-drinking nation here in the U.K.,” says Andrew Gadsden, Managing Director of All About Tea and "Saviour of Tea", who founded the tea manufacturing and distribution business four years ago after retiring from the Royal Navy.

The previous record was held by Lancashire Tea at 132.2 lb. (60kg).

Guinness World Records adjudicator Anna Orford, who has presided over records including the ‘Most People in a Thumb Wrestling Chain' in the U.K. certified the win.  Dignitaries in witness included the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and ship Captain Ken Jones.

“We have over 100 record attempts involving over 300,000 people around the world, including the ‘Largest Rice Cracker' on Japan and ‘Largest Gathering of ABBA Impersonators' in Australia, taking place to celebrate Guinness World Records Day,” says Orford. She says the 2011 extravaganza was bigger, bolder and better than ever before.”