World Tea Expo Considers Coffee Drinkers and Coffee Leaf Tea

How Do You Get Coffee Drinkers to Enjoy Tea?

World Tea Expo will explore how to get coffee drinkers to revel in tea, and ways the coffee shop can increase profits with tea. The event will also offer an exclusive presentation on coffee leaf tea – an exciting and revolutionary new tea in the marketplace.

World Tea Expo takes place May 6 – 8, 2015 in Long Beach, Calif. at the Long Beach Convention Center. To register, visit

Lisa Boalt Richardson, an award-winning author, tea educator and consultant with Lisa Knows Tea, will share “How to Get Coffee Drinkers to Enjoy Tea” during the upcoming event.

Richardson says many ardent coffee drinkers are trying to become tea lovers for various reasons, such as health, digestion, reducing caffeine intake and overall interest. However, since coffee and tea are vastly diverse beverages, sometimes coffee drinkers struggle to find a tea they can appreciate and take pleasure from drinking. In her session at World Tea Expo, Richardson will review ways to help coffee lovers delight in tea.

WTN150420_Coffee1_300pxFocus on Tea in the Coffee Shop
In the class “Taking Tea to New Heights in the Coffee Shop,” Mary Kloberdanz, sales and community outreach manager at The Tea Spot, will evaluate tea-based signature drinks as drivers for increased profits at beverage chains in the United States and Canada.

Kloberdanz will also make the case for tea as a cornerstone ingredient at the coffee and tea bar. She’ll explore a multitude of recipe options, demonstrating how to effectively train baristas in tea knowledge and presentation, as well as how to streamline operations and experiment knowledgeably and creatively to produce unique beverages centered around tea.

Coffee Leaf Tea
In addition, World Tea Expo will offer an exclusive “Focused Tasting” on coffee leaf tea, an infusion of Arabica coffee leaves that’s come into the spotlight in 2015. The session will be led by Max Rivest and Arnaud Petitvallet, co-founders of Wize Monkey; the two plan to revolutionize coffee economies with this deliciously unique beverage that also boasts higher antioxidants than green tea.

Rivest and Petitvallet say coffee farms are traditionally only profitable three months of the year; however, by harvesting the leaves year-round, growers can create stable work and more sustainably improve their quality of life. The session – called “Coffee Leaf Tea: The Revolutionary New Tea” – offers an inside look at this hot new brew, why it’s garnering major attention, and how the developing category is attracting customers.

Learn More at World Tea Expo
Overall, World Tea Expo features a jam-packed agenda. Key highlights include: a product-filled expo; the Best New Product Awards; the World Tea Awards; The North American Tea Championship Winners Tasting Circle; the World Origin Tasting Tour; and the Tea Business Boot Camp, among other education and networking opportunities.

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