World Voice Day

A drink of tea never touches the vocal cords but caffeinated beverages can dehydrate these nickel-sized organs and prevent your best performance on World Voice Day.

World Voice DayThere are many tisanes and herbal infusions that help singers keep in top shape including Slippery Elm, a soothing natural antacid used by singers since the 1880s and approved by the FDA for over the counter relief.

Commercial blends ClearVoice, Vocal Eze and Singer’s Saving Grace Pro Strength are popular as well as Thayer’s Dry Mouth Spray and Traditional Medicinal’s Throat Comfort.

Ginseng tea is another favorite but simply drinking room temperature water opens the esophagus and honey provides a pleasant coating.

Experts say singers should avoid ice water as it can tighten vocal cords and refrain from drinking coffee and smoking before a performance.

“Coffee dehydrates our vocal cord and it’s better to have tea and avoid coffee,” says Dr. Prakash Boo­m­­inathan, professor, spee­ch, language and hearing sciences, Sri Rama­chandra University told the Deccan Chronicle.

Decaffeinated tea in moderation is great for vocalists.

“Keep sipping wat­er as it’s good for the throat. Habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and sodas, eating hot, spicy food should be avoided. One has to identify when it needs to talk and work out accordingly,” adds Dr. Boominathan.

This year 56 countries are observing World Voice Day with the theme ‘Connect with your voice’.

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