Wrexham Named UK’s Tea Drinking Capital

Tetley embarked on a mission to find the top tea drinking town in the United Kingdom and Wrexham came up on top.


“Wrexhamtown.” Original uploader was Born Acorn at en.wikipedia

In Wrexham, a town in Wales with a population of more than 61,000, 91% of residents drink tea every day, 365 days a year, according to the Tetley survey. Other towns were shown to be inhabited by some pretty hard-core tea drinkers. In both Newcastle and Wolverhampton, nearly 20% of residents drink more than 10 cups of tea per day!

More than half of United Kingdom residents say that they can’t start their day without tea and 9 out of 10 people would choose tea over checking email first thing in the morning.

The study didn’t just look at total tea drinking. There was also the case of sugar. In Brighton, 90% of residents drink their tea without sugar, yet in Aberystwyth 70% of tea drinkers sweeten up their cup.

Nearly 20% of tea drinkers in London prefer green tea while traditional black tea blends take the top honors throughout most of the U.K. Women prefer to drink tea alone, according to the study, while men like to consume their cuppa with others.

In general, residents in the northern part of the United Kingdom sipped more of the brew than those in the south.

Wrexham residents celebrated on Twitter. “Huzzah! our hometown @wrexham is the official Tea capital of the UK!…Lets (sic) celebrate with a #brew.”

SOURCE: Wales Online and City AM