A New Kind of Sweetener

WTN170131_Liteez screen shot3-loresIsraeli company Lampados International this week launches Liteez, a dual-purpose low-calorie sweetener for hot drinks that can also be enjoyed as a sweet treat. Shaped like a meringue kiss, each 1-calorie Liteez contains a fraction of the calories of a teaspoon of sugar. Its plant-based formula makes it healthier than most hot drink sweeteners.

“The idea was to craft a whole new concept for a healthier, tasty, and indulgent sweetener—to simply create a new experience for coffee and tea or as a casual snack,” said Noam Kaplan, CEO of Lampados.

Liteez is egg-free, sugar-free, and vegan, as well as being suitable for people with egg, gluten, lactose, or nut allergies. Two Liteez contain about a tenth of the number of calories as a teaspoon of sugar, yet are tasty enough to be enjoyed like a meringue.

“The real challenge was to create a tasty meringue kiss without eggs or sugar—two common indispensable ingredients for making a baked meringue, and that provide its texture, shape and taste,” explained Kaplan. “In Liteez, the fibers create the texture, yet it is stable and crunchy with great flavor.”

WTN170131_Liteez screen shot-loresThe product contains vegetable protein that foams like eggs, to help create the desired texture and form, and prebiotic fibers to form a stable foam and maintain the kiss shape, while being highly soluble in hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

The company produced an informative YouTube video to inform buyers and customers about its product. The product launches this week at the ISM show in Cologne.

Source: Liteez