Budding Products: New Iced Teas Feature Fruit and Fresh Sweeteners

Menu News

Starbucks Japan Has a New Iced Tea for a Limited Time

Adding to Starbuck’s Japan’s creative offerings is one more refreshing summer beverage: the Shaken Watermelon and Passion Tea, reports Japan Today. The beverage is a blend of hibiscus flowers, papaya, mango and lemongrass, combined with watermelon. The somewhat tart passion tea blend is balanced by the watermelon’s sweetness. The drink is topped with a slice of freeze-dried lime.

It can be purchased in four sizes, ranging from short to venti and costs 390-510 yen ($3.50-$4.60). It is available at Starbucks throughout Japan until Aug. 31.

RTD Tea News

Arteasan Introduces New Flavors

Arteasan Beverages, based in North Miami Beach, Florida, introduced two new flavors of ready-to-drink teas at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, June 25-27: Cleanse, oolong tea with pineapple and ginger, and Glow, matcha tea with watermelon and mint.

These new flavors grow Arteasan’s original iced tea line that consisted of: Calm ( white tea with mango and passion flower), Focus (yerba mate with peach and rosemary), Be Well ( green tea with passionfruit and elderflower) and Energy (black tea with blueberry and ginseng).

The new flavors will be available this summer at retailers in South Florida, the Northeast, the mid-Atlantic and the Midwest.

Arteasan Beverages is known for being a formulator of 5-calorie RTD iced tea and herbal infusion blends. The new teas contain 1 gram of sugar per bottle.

The Maple Guild Created Maple Iced Tea

The Maple Guild, based in Island Pond, Vermont, launched its collection of nine varieties of Maple Sweetened Iced Tea. The Maple Guild is a single-source producer of organic, Vermont-harvested maple syrup. The teas are part of the company’s first line of beverages.

The nine flavors are: Organic Black Tea, Organic Black Tea Lemon, Organic Black Tea Peach, Organic Black Tea Raspberry, Organic Black Tea Mixed Berry, Organic Green Tea, Organic Green Tea Ginger Pear, Organic Green Tea Mint and Organic Green Tea Ginger.

The maple teas can be purchased online and from eight United Natural Foods Inc. warehouses, located on the East Coast from New Hampshire to Florida.