Sun Bright Tea Presents Toxic-Free Honey Black Tea

Sun Bright Tea Honey Black TeaSun Bright Tea on Jan. 20 launched its new Honey Black Tea, which is processed to keep tea leaf particles intact. Traditional tea production involves grinding the leaves.

The unique processing of the tea contributes to Honey Black Tea’s full-bodied taste, the company said via press release. Sun Bright Tea starts with black tea, which goes through a fermentation regulation process. The black tea is scented with the flowers of a tropical fruit called the euphoria longan, which is used throughout Asia for its medicinal qualities. The 96-hour-long scenting process uses 100,000 euphoria longan flowers. A hint of the flower’s nectar also comes through in the taste. Sun Bright then adds honey flavor to create a distinctive yet smooth taste.

The tea can be consumed either hot or over ice. Hot water enhances the honey taste, according to the company. When  enjoyed cold over ice, the fragrance and smoothness of the tea are notable.

The euphoria longan flowers add touches of bright yellow in the triangular-shaped tea bag.

The Honey Black Tea received the Superior Taste Awards by the International Taste & Quality Institute, where food and drinks are tasted by chefs and sommeliers. Almost 100 judges tasted the tea. Their blind taste test focused on five criteria: visual appearance, aroma, taste, texture and overall assessment, according to a Sun Bright Tea press release. The Michelin Guide gave the tea a 2-star designation.