Green Tea and Prostate Cancer

Last year, World Tea News reported on a study examining the impact of the green tea catechin EGCG on an enzyme that promotes tumor growth related to prostate cancer. A new study adds to the current body of knowledge.

Scientist Paul Kroon and researchers from the Institute of Food Research believe that the polyphenols in green tea (and also in apples) may be able to stop the work of a molecule known as VEGF. VEGF can not only begin the development of plaques related to atherosclerosis, but also drives angiogenesis or blood vessel formation that feeds cancer growth.


Dr. Kumar

Scientist Dr. Nagi B. Kumar hypothesized that giving people a capsule of green tea called Polyphenon E, which includes EGCG and other catechins, may be able to stop the development of prostate cancer. 49 men received the capsule and 48 were given a placebo for one year. This small study found that the men who took the green tea capsules had fewer signs of early stage cancer. They had lower prostate-specific antigen (PSA) numbers which can be a sign of risk of prostate cancer.

There was no overall change in the number of people who developed prostate cancer.

SOURCE: STGIST and Institute of Food Research