Green Tea Extracts May Lead to Low Glycemic Index Foods

Results have been released from an upcoming “Food Chemistry” journal study showing that green tea catechins may be beneficial for the creation of new food products for diabetic individuals.

WTN150629_greenteacatechinsIn the study, breads were baked and steamed containing 0.45%, 1% and 2% green tea catechin content. These are the polyphenol antioxidants that have been examined in many recent health-related tea studies. When the bread was baked it maintained 75.3-89.5% of the catechins in the original recipe. When it was steamed it kept even more: 81.4-99.3%.

In vitro studies showed that the catechins lowered the glycemic index of the breads. The bread made with 2% catechin content had a “significant reduction in glucose release” for the first 90 minutes of pancreatic digestion. Baked bread had a 4.9-8.3% glycemic index reduction in the crust. The steamed bread had a 7.6-25.2% reduction on the exterior “skin” and 10.2-17.7% in the “crumb.”

The study “Green tea catechins reduced the glycemic potential of bread: An in vitro digestibility study” was led by R. Goh in Singapore and China and will be released in full in “Food Chemistry” in August 2015.

SOURCE: and Science Digest