Tea Blending Classes to Reach New Audiences

Every year at World Tea Expo, some of the best attended classes focus on tea blending. Tea business owners know that little is more important to a successful business than having the best tasting tea and blends and helping customers learn to appreciate those qualities.

Tea merchants are helping to address the second part of that equation by offering tea blending classes in the community. Through these educational programs they can show customers the value of the teas they offer and also introduce themselves to new audiences.

WTN151209_NaturalHistoryMuseumOne such program will take place at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County on Sunday, December 13.

Art of Tea master tea blender Steve Schwartz will lead this tea blending workshop for museum-goers using the culinary garden on-site. Attendees will be introduced to a range of botanicals that make great blending options for tea. And being Southern California, the emphasis is on plants with low-water needs. Some of the herbs might include rosemary, sage and lemon verbena. Schwartz will teach some blending basics and lead the group in making some blends of these botanicals with black, green and white tea.

The program, which takes place on Sunday, Dec. 13 from 2-4 p.m., is part of the museum’s Second Nature series. Other programs in the series include a look at low-water gardening and a citrus workshop. Tickets are $23 and should be purchased in advance.

Many smaller retailers have focused on the tea blending class as an outreach tool as well, including Tupelo Honey Tea, Bluebird Tea Co, Experience Tea, and The Cozy Tea Cart.

SOURCE: NBC Los Angeles and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County