Happy Lucky’s Shines with Values of Kinship

Community roots run deep in Fort Collins, a town nestled in Colorado’s Front Range. Labeled “The Choice City”, Fort Collins has been ranked as the most ideal town to live in the nation multiple times. Being a resident of Fort Collins, I believe this is because the city radiates with a culture revolving around community and connections. Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures exhibits the virtues of community and connection in every facet of its operation.

Established in October of 2009, Happy Lucky’s Teahouse and Treasures is co-owned by George and Kari Grossman. The husband and wife duo traveled to Cambodia to adopt their son in March of 2001. Inspired to reach out to the children they could not take home, George and Kari founded Sustainable Schools International, which provides valuable education to Cambodian children.

This project left the Grossmans craving a space in the town they lived in where like-minded people could share their passions. As Grossman says, “We wanted to create a place where people could gather with a community focus and share what they are doing.” The couple was also passionate about tea and the connections tea creates between people.

After graduating from New Business Boot Camp and then attending World Tea Expo in 2009, the Grossmans created Happy Lucky’s to bridge social connections over a cup of tea.

Happy Lucky’s is located in downtown Fort Collins in the historic Fort Collins firehouse and is a popular meeting place for all ages. The welcoming atmosphere resonates with Grossman’s motto that, “everyone is welcome.”

Grossman has hosted wedding showers, birthday parties, senior center meetings, readings from authors, and other events in the newly expanded tea lounge, spanning into the historic Fort Collins jailhouse.

Happy Lucky's

This tea lounge features a prominent brick wall in which customers can hide written wishes and dreams in its cracks. The colored paper sticking out of the brick wall serves as a reminder of happiness and luck. “Ultimately, our gift to the customer is a little bit of happiness and a little bit of luck,” says Grossman.

Every person who enters the shop is met with warm attentiveness from the staff. “I’ve told my employees, if someone has walked into our store three times, you better know their name,” says Grossman.

Upon walking into the shop, customers are met with an enormous array of teas on what is called “The Great Wall of Tea”. With over 180 teas, Grossman says Happy Lucky’s has the largest tea selection in the state of Colorado.

“Most tea shops have their tea wall behind a counter so the customer must interact with an employee before interacting with the tea,” Grossman says. “I wanted to make our tea wall interactive so people could develop a connection to the tea.” Sample portions of each tea on the wall are left in aromatic tins for people to smell and see before purchasing. People truly can connect with the tea by engaging their senses with it.

Happy Lucky's

Happy Lucky’s creates a unique customer experience that goes beyond exceptional customer service and premium teas. The expertly-trained staff offers dozens of classes on a variety of topics ranging from tea leaf reading, to Gongfu Cha ceremonies, to individual tea blending.

The importance of education permeates throughout Happy Lucky’s business practices. 10 % of all profits are donated to schools in Cambodia, providing a sense of community to children 9,000 miles away.

Happy Lucky’s actively participate in the local happenings around Fort Collins. Just recently, the shop sponsored a bike-to-work week free breakfast station. Grossman decided he would donate $1 to the Fort Collins Bike Library for every person who checked into their station.

Grossman also recently launched the Foodie Walk Fort Collins, a monthly self-guided tour of culinary shops around Fort Collins meant to inspire people to shop locally. “People can find these sorts of products at the grocery store for cheaper,” Grossman says. “But I think it is the combination of the experience and education that makes the Foodie Walk and the shops involved special.”

In past Foodie Walks, 3 teas were paired with three locally made cheeses. December’s Foodie Walk will pair three teas with three locally made breads topped with three locally made tea seed oils. This event has become a success in a town where community matters.

Happy Lucky'sEnriched with community values and a love for tea, George Grossman and the staff of Happy Lucky’s provide a unique space for their customers. While they give their gifts of happiness and luck to others, Grossman is also rewarded by Happy Lucky’s. “I love what I do. I love both discovering and tasting new teas and new blends, then sharing them with everyone. That is fun, every day.”

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