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Gail Gastelu is Publisher of The Tea House Times and currently serves on the World Tea Media Advisory Board. Gail specializes in information management, provides various educational services, publishing, consulting, product research, reviews, marketing services and tea business advancement. Her passion and drive is to help tea businesses grow. Having worked with consumers and businesses on all levels, Gail understands the ups and downs of the tea industry and works hard to build positive business and deeper consumer connections through tea. Learn more through

A Modern Take on the Love of Matcha

“A modern take”, they said repeatedly, at Japan Society (New York City) Wednesday night as Rona Tison, Ito En, and Candice Kumai, celebrity chef, came together to present a lecture, cooking demonstration, and tasting reception focused around the Love of Matcha or matcha LOVE®  to be more precise. Drink, Cook, Eat: A Modern Take...