Learn to Cup Tea with Mo Sardella

Professional tea cupping is the standard method by which all tea Producers, Exporters, Importers and Vendors measure and value tea quality. Since tea is so variable, and is made into infinite grades, types and styles, tea professionals require an evaluation method that eliminates as many variables as possible, so that the true quality of each tea can be evaluated as objectively as possible.

On October 20th, Mo Sardella of the G.S. Haly Company will host a Skill Building Workshop titled “Cupping 101”, at World Tea East in Atlanta.Mo

Professional tea cupping is essential for the tea industry as it enables tea professionals to have a common methodology with which to calibrate expectations of quality, and create a common language that gives value and context to an inherently variable and nuanced product.

Cupping 101 provides both technical skill building exercises and essential information that brings value to tea professionals at all levels of the industry. Whether you are a new tea professional or looking to expand store training programs, Cupping 101 will establish and fortify your ability to cup tea.

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