The Booming Tea Industry in the United States

World Tea Expo 2016

The popularity of tea continues to rapidly grow in the United States. Though it is common knowledge that tea has long been widely consumed in countries such as China and India, it is not commonly known that the U.S. ranks third in the world for the amount of tea it imports, while Russia and Pakistan rank first and second, respectively, according to International Tea Committee statistics. The State of the U.S. Tea Industry 2016 Tea Market Review by the Tea Association of the U.S.A. states that total tea imports in the U.S. increased by 1 percent with black tea imports increasing 2.3 percent.

Though green tea imports are lower than those of black tea, green tea is making an appearance in increasingly more products. Teaz showcased green tea and cactus water blends at Natural Products Expo West and Engredea in March of 2017. The tea-cactus water blends were presented as a beneficial way to re-hydrate after a workout. Such innovations will continue to stimulate the tea market and pique the interests of consumers. Hence, tea is being formatted to suit various lifestyles. It is no longer just associated with tea houses, but rather a beverage that can be adapted for a busy, modern consumer.

Bottled teas accounted for nearly half of the entire U.S. tea market at 45.7 percent of market representation in 2016 according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. Bottled tea is the fastest growing tea format in the market at 4 percent growth.

At Expo West and Engredea, tea companies eagerly shared their stories about where and how they sourced their tea and the people who were involved in the harvesting process. Many of these exhibiting companies from Expo West and Engredea are making their way to the Las Vegas Convention Center June 12-15 for North America’s largest tea focused event – World Tea Expo. As the epicenter of the North American tea market, World Tea Expo serves the $8 billion US tea industry.

At World Tea Expo, professionals have the chance to blend fresh ideas, discover the latest trends and new distribution channels throughout three days of focused buying, selling and education. Retailers, tea room owners, distributors, F&B directors, spa managers, specialty grocers, mass merchants and other business professionals attend the Expo to see 250+ high-quality tea suppliers and related vendors exhibit new products and innovations.

If you’re interested in attending or exhibiting at this 100% tea focused event, you’re encouraged to register soon. Early bird rates for World Tea Expo expire Friday, April 28th with savings of up to $400 on education.

Visit the World Tea Expo website  to sign up today.