California Dreamin’ – Part 5 – Registration How-To

CalDr-REVI’mmm dreaming of a warmmm Expo! Just like the ones we used to know. Where our foreheads glisten and people listen to hearrr tea talks at the showww….   I’mmm dreaming of a warmmm Expo, with every blog post that I write. May your bags be readyyy and lighttt…And may all your Expo times be right.

It has been so cold here in New Jersey with most days registering below zero, that I really cannot stop thinking about the World Tea Expo in May. I cannot wait for some sunshine and warmth.  I think we might glisten a little less than usual in Long Beach as compared to Las Vegas.  That is fine by me – as long as temperatures register above 70, I will be very happy.

Speaking of registering…. Have you registered to attend yet? Registration opened a couple of weeks ago and all of the details may be found at the World Tea Expo website, but I will spend a few minutes here telling you what I have learned about the show with an attendee registration focus.

First off, you will notice a completely new price plan for the education/conference pricing. Basically, you will not purchase sessions separately, rather you will purchase a one-day pass or a full three-day conference pass.  The value is incredible compared to what it used to cost to purchase sessions a la carte.  You must still make your choices ahead of time and register for the sessions you choose so that show management may plan ahead for appropriate room sizes, staffing, supplies, etc.

I tested the registration system for attendees and found it interesting to use. Once you select your chosen pass, the sessions available to you on that date or dates will open up and become clickable. For instance, if you choose the one day pass, the sessions listed on that date will become clearer on the registration and you may choose which sessions to include. Additional events that are already included with show admission such as certain special events and the networking reception will also appear even if it is on another date not chosen on your pass – click all that you want. Does that make sense? All complimentary events or additional fee events such as the awards dinner (to be explained in a future post) will appear in registration and may be added.  You will also notice that certain types of sessions require an add-on fee or upcharge.  Proof of business type is required during registration and is open to Retailers, Distributors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Allied Business Services (further described here along with pricing.)

The World Tea Expo show floor will be open Thursday, May 29, Friday, May 30, and Saturday, May 31.

World Tea Expo Conference

World Tea Expo Education

The conference education program is comprised of five main components listed below.

Tea Business Boot Camp – May 27
World Origin Tasting Tour – May 28
World Tea Academy LIVE – May 28
Core Conference Seminars – May 29-31
Focused Tastings – May 29-31
Skill Building Workshops – May 29-31

Click here for more special events and dates.

Make tea!

Make tea!

Some highlights of the educational conference include several panels covering data trends, success stories, and the new face of retail.  Brian Meece (CEO of RocketHub) will talk about Crowdfunding (May 31, 11 am). Skill building sessions will include things like tea making/Tea Processing (May 30 & 31~not to be missed!), Tea Baking (May 31, 8 am), Blending (May 30/31, 8 am), and Cupping (May 30/31, 8 am).  The official origin sponsor, Hunan Tea Company, will host a Focused Tasting on the teas of Hunan (May 29, 8 am). And of course I must mention my own session, Tea Room Survival (Fri, May 30, 11 am) – survival tips and how-to advice gathered from numerous tea business owners.

Next month I will focus on bringing more details about the many varied special events taking place during World Tea Expo.  I encourage you to contact me directly, or comment here if you have something positive to share or a question I may help to answer.

Until next time,
I remain
California Dreamin’…
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Gail Gastelu, The Tea House Times