Authentically brewed with premium whole loose leaf teas that have been meticulously sourced, TEAS’ TEA SWEETENED is light and refreshing with a dash of sweetness. Sweetened with Natural Cane Sugar and just 120 calories per bottle – the proprietary filtration method reduces the sediment ,creating a smooth and clean finish. The two new flavors-Green Tea and Jasmine Green, will broaden the company’s outreach to meet consumer demands in the mainstream marketplace.

TEAS’ TEA® was named from the Japanese expression Ocha no naka no Ocha, which simply means “The Tea of ALL Teas!”  Committed to products that embody the company’s five guiding principles of Natural, Healthy, Delicious, Safe and Well-designed, the teas are known  as ONLY THE PUREST TEA™.TEAS' TEA Sweet Jasmine Tea TEAS' TEA Sweet Pure Green Tea