Argo Tea Experiments with Flexible-Schedule Software


Argo Tea successfully completed a trial program with software incubator TechNexus that enabled its 250-member staff to go online to swap shifts.

The 45-day pilot program allowed Argo Tea's hourly workers to post last-minute changes to HaveMyShift's online job marketplace. Using the HaveMyShift website and mobile app, employees were able to pick up or hand off shifts to fellow employees through a corporate-sponsored model in which employees could post listings for free.

"By partnering with HaveMyShift, we've enabled our employees to seamlessly swap their shifts, increasing morale and greatly improving communication," said Argo Tea cofounder Simon Simonian. "Their tool is extremely easy to work with, and system integration was completed in a mere two weeks."

The Argo Tea pilot program builds on HaveMyShift's success connecting employees at a variety of companies – nearly 7,000 employees to date.

"Companies lose countless millions of dollars due to costs associated with absenteeism," said Randy Janzen, cofounder of HaveMyShift. "For every shift traded on HaveMyShift, one employee gets more personal time, the other employee gets more work and the company has a workforce that is happy to be there."

HaveMyShift is headquartered at TechNexus, Chicago's collaborative ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs and business leaders. Located in Chicago's Loop, TechNexus connects young ventures with leading tech companies and executives, serving as a networking and innovation hub for companies like HaveMyShift.

HaveMyShift currently serves 74 million hourly workers including 7,000 workers at Starbucks, Whole Foods Market and Jamba Juice. Together they have traded more than 58,000 hours for the convenience of workers and efficiency of the shops where they work.

TechNexus is the gateway to collaboration for Chicago's technology leaders. The ecosystem began with private investment and community support and in partnership with the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) to serve as a 'clubhouse' where ventures grow, and co-working facility to bring technology professionals together, foster relationships and promote a sense of community in Chicago. For more information, visit

Source: TechNexus