AriZona Beverages’ Family of Rickeys is Growing

Fueled by the successful release of the 20th Anniversary flavor, Cherry Lime Rickey, AriZona Beverages is welcoming three new Rickeys to the family. Mango Lime, Grape Lime and Lemon Lime Rickey put an AriZona-Style spin on the original fan chosen flavor to create this innovative new line.

AriZona Beverages

Inspired by the beloved Brooklyn original from the 1950’s, the AriZona Rickey line mixes sweet fruits and tart limes to create the classic beverage. Traditional Rickeys combine fresh lime juice with carbonated water. This new family of Rickys produced by AriZona give homage to tradition with a twist of creativity.

The line is easily identifiable on shelves with Cherry Lime Rickeys 20th Anniversary Design, created by contest winner Kenny Vidinich. Fans can recognize their favorite flavor by the vibrant colors and unique labeling used to distinguish the new line. The Lime Rickeys will be available nationwide in 7-Eleven and other retailers early May.

SOURCE: AriZona Beverages USA, LLC