Assam Needs More Energy For Production


The Assam Tea Planters’ Association (ATPA) is seeking a solution to their energy needs, as reported by The Economic Times.

Rajib Barooah, Chairman of the ATPA, has stated, “We earnestly request Oil India Ltd. ONGC and the Assam Gas Company Ltd. to find a solution to this problem. “He continued, “Considering the dismal power supply position of the Assam Power Distribution Company Limited we request the Assam Gas Company Ltd. to allow the tea factories to use natural gas for power generation. The number of tea factories opting for natural gas may increase owing to the mandatory regulation imposed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests against use of fossil fuel.”Since 2011, irregular and insufficient supplies of gas have disturbed the productivity of several tea factories in the Assam region. Some factories have even been temporarily closed due to inadequate power supplies. Obviously, these disturbances have negatively affected the plantations and small farmers providing the tea to the factories.

ATPA also asked that the tea industry be included in the priority sector of the Petroleum Ministry in India.  Reliable power is essential to the production of tea ending in a finished product.

SOURCE: The Economic Times