Bigelow’s Mobile Tea Bar Hits the Road


Photo courtesy of Bigelow Tea

If you were going to select a vehicle to make a cross-country tea pilgrimage, what would you choose?

Fairfield, Conn.’s Bigelow Tea faced just that challenge and they decided nothing would be better than a 31-foot 1977 Air Stream trailer. They transformed the trailer into a tea bar with bar stools, a menu of forty tea flavors and images and stories of the company and the Bigelow family. The mobile tea bar has now embarked on a cross-country trip to raise awareness about the family-run business.

Accompanying the tea bar is “Biggie,” Bigelow’s walking mug mascot. Visitors are encouraged to take pictures with Biggie and post them to Bigelow’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The tea bar will appear at events in cities across the country this fall to celebrate Bigelow’s 70th anniversary. The first stop was in Cambridge, Mass. on September 19th and will stay in the Boston area until the 24th before it heads to New York and New Jersey. After that dates have been set for visits to Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles with additional locations to be announced.


SOURCE: Fairfield Citizen