Daily Meal Helps You Mind your Tea Manners

The Daily Meal, an online culinary magazine, recognized the huge popularity of tea around the world, and our need to be able to be ready to engage appropriately with other cultures’ traditions. This week they shared the Fairmont Hotel’s “Dos and Don’ts” infographic to save us all from our potential embarrassment.

DailyMeal LogoThe chart walks us through tea traditions of English Afternoon Tea, Chinese Yum Cha, Japanese Chanoyu and Russian Tea Time.

Some of the highlights:
If attending English Afternoon Tea, do eat savories first, then scones, then sweets. Do not extend that pinky!

Chinese Yum Cha often involves tea with dim sum on the weekends. Do thank your server by tapping two fingers on the table. Don’t pour your own tea first!

The formal ceremony of Japanese Chanoyu has many rules, so do show respect by bowing to the hostess and taking the event very seriously. Do not forget to show appreciaton for the beautiful implements used during the ceremony.

Russian Tea Time is a much less formal affair. Do be sure to accept an invitation as refusal is seen as an insult. Take care not to spend time looking at anyone else’s plates or saucers.

The full infographic can be found below: